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How to combine opp mapping for combined fee/donation AND all the other mappings?

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  • How to combine opp mapping for combined fee/donation AND all the other mappings?

    Hi- I am trying to combine the donated additional fee into the total on the opportunity.
    • On the form, I have "-fee" on every payment option/lime item item SKU (those SKUs also have other values, as I need to set campaigns, opportunity names, record types, etc, like "1x-fee", "recurring-fee")
    • The additonal fee has the item SKU of "fee"
    • There is an Opportunity mapping where IF Item SKU included "fee", set to Combine; it makes me hard code a name
    • There are also Campaign Mappings and Opportunity Naming that need to fire based on the *rest* of the SKU (example: 1x-fee, recurring-fee, etc)

    Posted transactions where the fee is paid are combining amounts fine, but the following things happened:
    • The resulting transaction and opp have a C&P SKU of just "fee" (so only the additional fee item SKU makes it to the combined transaction & Opportunity)
    • Therefore none of the other mappings fire: Naming, campaign, etc. The name matches the one in the Combine rule instead of the Opp Naming rules. And the Primary Campaign rules don't fire at all, so there is no primary campaign. The name is the hard-coded one from the Combined rule.
    Is there anyway to use the Combine Opp Mapping feature with all the other mapping features like Primary Campaign, Record Type, and Naming? It seems it would need to write the payment option line item SKU to Salesforce, not the additional fee item SKU (so C&P SKU should = "1xdon-fee", not "fee").


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    Good day @barbarac

    Please note that in the case of Opportunity Combine, there is an option to define the Opportunity Name and Opportunity SKU, and whatever the Opportunity SKU value is set here, that value will be used for other mapping conditions like the Opportunity Customize Name, Opportunity Record Type, Campaign Mapping, etc.

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    You have to set the mapping for Primary Campaign, Record Type, and Naming based on the SKU value defined in Opportunity as shown in the above image.

    Hope you see the point. Please test it and let us know if you have any questions.
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      Hi. Thanks, I see. So it's a static sku it can pass in only? I can't get it to pass in the sku from the current line item it's processing, which could different for every one (1x or recurring, giving levels, etc)? That means every combined opportunity will have to have the same name, rectype, campaign, etc.

      Each campaign only has one added fee item, so looks like using additional fee and wanting it to be part of the Amount on a single combined opportunity means that you have to forego using all other dynamic mapping like name, campaign, etc by other parts of the sku.

      Hope we have a way in the future to have both combined fee+donation in Amount AND still use the full power of all your great sku mapping. Thanks!