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Upgrade Assistance and a bit more.

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  • Upgrade Assistance and a bit more.

    Hi, Could you please update Salesforce Org: 00Df4000003lJk1

    In Connect our connection is broken. I'm getting an error: Sorry but we are unable to establish connection to your Salesforce instance. This may be due to a number of factors such as an out-date installation or missing components. Please grant Click & Pledge support access to your Salesforce account and contact support for review of your instance. Read more...

    Please help me out there! And then we'll have a decent number of transactions to repost once fixed as well.


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    Could you also please update:
    • Gabriel: 00DDn0000013ivc
    • PLR: 00D5w0000067Xbt
    • Covenant: 00D36000001EIux


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      Good day @dstephens

      We've upgraded all the above instances with the latest versions of our apps.

      Be sure to re-establish connection with Salesforce:​
      Click & Pledge Support Department

      On Salesforce? Help us by rating our app: Click & Pledge Donor Management on AppExchange

      Join us @ the educational webinars:
      Live Support available Join between 3:00 - 3:30 p.m. ET Monday - Thursday:
      Are you on Salesforce? Join us at the Power of Us Hub: