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Please READ: Update Requests

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  • Please READ: Update Requests

    To request Salesforce app updates please make sure to note the following:
    • Salesforce Organization ID: We need this ID to locate your account. In the absence of the exact Salesforce Organization ID we may be unable to identify your instance or know your intent about the production instance or any of your many sandboxes.
    • Grant Login Access: Please grant "Click & Pledge Support" access to your account. Without permission we cannot possibly login to your account.
    • Messages in this channel will be deleted after 2 weeks. This is the only channel with this policy since the history in this channel serve no purpose or can possibly help other users with questions. Once an upgrade has completed we will delete the original message, after 2 weeks. Always start a new thread when requesting a new update.
    • This thread only shows the last 2 weeks of requests.
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