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  • Upgrade request

    Hello- This is a new client and they are a year out of date. Given the significant changes since this release, I'd rather you do the upgrade please, as you know all the extra config that may be needed. Can you also point me to any important changes I may need to make to their forms, etc to handle new campaign structure, if any? I don't remember which release that all came with but I know it changed a bit.


    Instance ID: 00DG0000000jFHg with the latest release. Access has been granted.

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    Hi-- While you are in there, can you please see if these 2 workflows created by C&P support in 2015 are still necessary or if you have built functionality to handle it since? Thanks!

    Just let me know if I can deactivate them and I will. THANKS!


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      Good day @Perc-BRC

      You need to review the release notes to see all the changes, however, here are the major changes in Campaign behavior:
      • Items with NO Salesforce Campaign assigned will NOT be assigned any campaign. In the previous releases, the Transaction campaign was being assigned to the Item campaign resulting in inconsistencies. This change may result in a behavior change from past releases if the transaction campaign was considered for item campaign.
      • Transaction campaign from Connect will no longer populate the Opportunity campaign. The new C&P Setting feature will provide a more flexible method for doing this. C&P Settings >> Opportunity >> Primary Campaign Source >>here check the box for "Use Transaction Campaign".

      Regarding the workflows, you may deactivate the following workflow:

      We have upgraded your instance as requested.

      It is highly recommended that you login to the Connect & re-establish the connection. You may see that your account is already connected but this does not mean the new information has posted to Salesforce.

      To establish connection please see the following KB article:

      Latest Release notes:
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