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Post install assistance - but for an org migration

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  • Post install assistance - but for an org migration

    Hello - I am in the middle of doing a Salesforce org migration for Pelham Children's Center (C&P Account ID 21599). The NEW Salesforce Org is 00Df20000011Rq1. I just successfully installed the C&P Library, C&P PAAS and C&P Events Management and need post-install assistance but have a question: is it OK for me to just go ahead and connect the existing C&P account to the new org instead of the old one? Should I do that FIRST before you do the post-install steps? I would be fine if online transactions start to go into the new org (there shouldn't be many in the next month or so anyway during the time I am doing the migration). I am NOT ready to migrate all C&P transactions to the new org yet - I am just trying to do basic system configuration first. FYI in case you need it, the old org ID is 00DE0000000cTUB . I have granted you one week access for the new org. Thanks so much for your guidance on this! FYI we are doing an org migration we can start using NPSP - the old org never had it and I really like how C&P and NPSP all work together now and am helping Pelham Children's Center take advantage of this.



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    Good day @Louise Kelly

    No problem, you may establish the connection to start posting the data into new instance but before that, we recommend to review the C&P Settings as based on that the records get into the correct objects.

    However, we have completed the post-installation steps.

    Let us know if we can be of any further assistance.
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