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  • Using discounts

    i am looking for some documentation on how to use the discount feature?

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    Hi Charlaine,

    The Discount is quite easy to setup.

    I will go ahead and explain it here and give you examples on how to use it.

    In the Event Level page:

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    Click on the "New Discount Plan for this Level". You may set up unlimited number of Discount Plans for each event level.

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    With Discounts you have the option to do the following:
    • Offer discounts based on dates. Start & End Date may be used for Early Bird discounts
    • Offer discounts based on coupon codes. Coupon codes are NOT unique in the system and may be duplicated across many events or levels
    • Group discounts, e.g. $5 + 4% discount for groups of 5-10 people

    There is a special feature called: End of Plan

    With "End of Plan" you may cascade two discount plans with inventory, for example:
    • An event is being held on March 1
    • Between January 1 and January 31 a discount of 5% is offered to the first 100 attendees
    • Between February 1 and February 28 a discount of 2% is offered to the first 50 attendees

    Since the discounts have a limit within each window if let's say the January discount is used by the first 100 people immediately within the first hour, the February discount will start if it is set as the "End of Plan" of January plan. This way once the first 100 people register and use the discount the 2% discount will kick-in even though it is not February 1st yet.

    You may set up unlimited number of discounts for each event.

    Hope this makes sense. Please let us know if we can be of any further assistance.
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