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  • Add an Event Registrant

    I need to add several "Event Registrants" to correct some human errors we made during the registration process. However, I cannot find a way to directly add an "Event Registrant."

    In C&P, if I navigate to the "C&P Event Registrants" tab and click "New," I get the following message on screen:
    "Tab reserved for an upcoming feature."

    The same is true if I navigage to an existing Salesforce contact, scroll down to the "C&P Event Registrants" box, and click the button for "New C&P Event Registrant."

    Is this a fixable bug, or is this feature not coming until v2.0?

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    Good day!

    This is not a bug - this is a placeholder for the next release.

    One challenge with Salesforce is once a tab has been created & released it cannot be removed. We had the feature in release 1 but had to remove it due to testing team requiring more time.

    This feature will be in version 2.0.
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