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  • Sliding Scale?

    Hello - I was setting up a registration level for testing with my first event and it looks like leaving the price field blank doesn't result in the leaving it for the registrant to fill in, which is what I'm looking for. Our existing practice is to suggest a range for our event ($30-15 for an evening or $160-80 for a four week series, for example). I rather not get into specifying various levels within the range, for example $30, $25, $20, $15, as this will be presenting four options in the checkout form - and I'll wanting to just receive one: what they specify. Could be $17, for example

    Thanks - I'll continue to look for clues around the site, but I posted because a simple search didn't show any results for 'sliding scale'

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    Good day!

    Event pricing cannot be left blank. Price may be $0 but it has to have a value. Price also cannot be an open field as you are asking. Event works based on the unit price and purchasing tickets based on adding number of tickets to be purchased.

    Sorry but the special case you are looking for cannot currently be done with the existing release. It is a feature we consider adding for the future releases.
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