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Person is gettin "Authorization Required" error message when registering for my event

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  • Person is gettin "Authorization Required" error message when registering for my event

    Sorry for my typo in my title above!!!

    I opened my event yesterday afternoon. Everything up to this point seemed to test just fine. The first dozen people that have registered everything has gone fine. Now I have gotten three people contact me that they have received the following message when they click on the first registration screen and cannot get past it. The first screen that asks them for First name, Last name and email...not even my registration information, it is the system registration information. It bumps them to a error page with the following message...
    Authorization RequiredYou must first log in or register before accessing this page.
    If you have forgotten your password, click Forgot Password to reset it.

    I don't know what to do to help these people be able to get registered for my event. I have left two messages on voice-mail at Click and Pledge. No response today. I feel non-responsive to my customers that are trying to register for my event when I cannot tell them what to do or how to help them.

    Lisa McCabe
    Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists
    [email protected]

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    The issue with this error was because not all of the objects for click and pledge were deployed. I did deploy those for you and I also tested to make sure it work correctly. Attached is a screen shot to show you the area where I deployed the objects.Click image for larger version

Name:	Deploy.JPG
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ID:	15050

    If you run into anymore issues please email [email protected]

    Have a wonderful day.
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      I am getting the same message and I check to see that all the objects were deployed and they were. What could be causing this message? I set up so that C&P can access to investigate. Getting the same message when I go to try and download the tickets. Thanks.
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        Good day!

        This is related to the permissions for the user trying to download the report.

        Please grant us login access and we will resolve the issue. It is easily resolved by granting view access to the pages.
        How to grant access:
        Please make sure to post your organization name & the Salesforce Organization ID so we know how to locate your instance. As part of the process we will also upgrade you to the latest instance of our applications. If you don't wish to be upgraded please let us know otherwise we will update your instance.
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