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Add event attendee directly through Salesforce

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  • Add event attendee directly through Salesforce

    I have an event set up that will allow for online registrations using a credit card. We also have a printable form that many users have already submitted with payment (in the form of a check). I was told that we should just use the online registration form to add those users to the event, but that won't work, because the online registration doesn't allow for adding users that have already paid. Is there any way to add attendees directly into the event in Salesforce as an attendee?

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    Good day!

    Currently the only way to do this is by using the regular registration interface. The manual addition of registrants will be in Release 2.0 scheduled for end of July.

    To avoid having to use the credit card you may set up INVOICE as a payment method and register each attendee using the invoice as the payment method. That will resolve the issue with having to use a credit card.

    Release 2.0 will have a lot of new features, including several new templates, single registration forms, and much more.
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