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Registrant Organization Error

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  • Registrant Organization Error

    When someone tries to register and they enter an organization name that already exists, we are getting the following error.

    For some organizations, there are multiple locations and branches. Some people enter the organization as Pfizer Pharmaceuticals, while others enter Pfizer. As a result, if a third person registers from Pfizer and just enters "Pfizer" they are getting this error. Is there a way for us to display the picklist its referring to in this screenshot if this occurs?
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    It seems to me that the error comes in the guest user profile. How do we give them edit privileges for that field?


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      Good day!

      I am sure you know that custom questions may be added as a pull down menu and all options may be added to it.

      If you are asking for a field that looks up the values that have been entered so far I am not sure how that can be done in a dynamic environment that is open to everyone to design. I am also not sure if coming up with a LOOKUP field that shows all previously entered fields is a viable solution. What if someone enters a bogus or improper value?

      Perhaps I am not reading the question right. Please let me know what you have in mind and if it is different from my understanding.
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