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Map Registration fee to a different record type

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  • CnP.Support

    Sorry it seems like we missed answering this question.

    Version 4.27 of the Salesforce PaaS has a feature in the C&P Settings called Record Types.

    In the EVENTS module every level has an SKU field that may be assigned uniquely for that level. Once a payment is posted to the PaaS platform the C&P Settings will match the record type to the Record Type assign by the SKU settings.

    Please go to the PaaS application in Salesforce and explore the SKU settings in the Record Type section.

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  • Map Registration fee to a different record type

    We are setting up an event and within Salesforce, we have the opportunity record type "Registration" as opposed to a "Donation." This is a very important distinction for us and accounting.

    How can we map the event registration fees to something other than "Donation."