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Support Request: Custom field Mapping (Organization Legal Name)

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  • Support Request: Custom field Mapping (Organization Legal Name)

    Hi, hoping for some guidance on an custom field built for an automated process designed by our implementation partner.

    Some background: We use C&P Event Management to manage registrations for trainings that our organization hosts throughout the year. One of the custom fields that are required for successful registration is the Salesforce contact field "Primary Affiliation", which is a lookup field to an account. This field can be populated by the C&P custom field, "Organization Legal Name", which is set to required for these type of registrations. The automation is supposed to lookup whether or not an account of that name already exists in Salesforce, create one if not, and fill in that lookup if it it empty for the registrant on their contact record.

    The problem is that even though the form is capturing the answers to this question by registrants, it's not always populating the field "Primary Affiliation" on the contact record.

    Where can I look to ensure that the mapping/automation settings are doing what they're supposed to?

    If it helps to look into our backend: Organization ID 00D2E0000013972
    Access granted for one week.

    A good example of this is the event "40-Hour Overview of Immigration Law training Fall 2022" which is in C&P Event Management. While it looks like everyone answers the required question "Organization Legal Name" on the C&P Form, it doesn't seem to guarantee that the organizational affiliation is populated in the matching Salesforce campaign ( See Sheridan Su as an example.

    Could this be a custom field mapping issue? What other parts of the C&P integration can I look into?

    Looking forward to hearing from you.

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    Good [email protected][email protected]

    Do you have any other example order numbers that you see the same issue? Would please you allow us to re-process the C&P Data for the above registrant to debug the issue?
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