I had a "high priority" ticket (RMS-235-67578) started over two weeks ago by support that I never received an update on despite several emails and calls. I've now been instructed to post the same question I was told was being worked before in this forum. I am looking for some movement forward on a resolution or we will have to abandon the platform, which we would very much like to avoid.

I have attempted several times to follow the instructions for creating an event registration site precisely as described in the manual. In every instance, when I complete the process and attempt to load the public URL, I get an "Authorization Required" error message. Up until a week ago, I could still test the registration system by using the Active Site Home Page link, but now that does not work either.

The support agent who originally looked at the problem indicated that this error is normally a product of not following the post installation instructions correctly, but upon review determined that this was not the case in our instance. The registration system is completely built and ready to be tested, but it seems there is probably some setting that is impeding the pages from loading properly. This registration system is mission-critical for us, so I have opened a Salesforce case as well, but I believe it is an element of the event module that is having a problem. We would very much like this problem resolved; aside from this, we have always received exemplary support from C&P.

PS I have reviewed the forums for similar cases, and our case seems very similar to this: http://forums.clickandpledge.com/showthread.php?564-Site-will-not-come-up&highlight=authorization+required.