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Event Registration emails

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  • CnP.Support.AM
    Good day @BobD

    1. There is a setting in the Event called Email Log Retention Policy under default settings where you can set the number of days which should not exceed 1095 days.
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    2. Yes. if an attendee has a status of "Credit", they are excluded from scheduled emails.

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  • BobD
    started a topic Event Registration emails

    Event Registration emails

    We have a registrant who shouldn't attend an event. I credited back the amount. The record status shows as "Credit". I want to be sure this person does not receive a scheduled email (but I also want to keep the record showing we refunded the money). When I went looking for past examples of someone with status of Credit to see if they showed up in the email logs, I found that older events had empty email logs. That raises 2 questions for me.

    How long are the registration email logs kept ?

    When an attendee has a status of "Credit", are they excluded from any scheduled emails?