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    Is it possible to add a custom payment type that does not require payment info to finalize registration?

    Most of our event attendees register, submit to their organization for approval/funds, and call us at a later date with credit card info which we then process manually. Right now the only way I see to finalize registration without entering CC info is to select the "invoice" option, which then asks for a check number. This will confuse our attendees and prevent a lot of them from finishing registration.

    Is it possible to have some type of "Invoice Me Now, Pay Later" option added that does not require any additional payment info during the registration process? We will have a difficult time using your event registration functionality (which otherwise looks perfect for our needs!) if this isn't an option or won't be in the near future. Please let me know if there is a work-around for this that I'm not currently seeing - thanks!

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    Good day!

    The Invoice & Purchase order are 2 available options in addition to the credit card payment.

    We are currently working on adding "Customized" plans to the payment system and later to the Events. But I believe the current system should answer your question.

    see the following image:

    Click image for larger version

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      Thanks for the reply. Is there a way to disable or hide the required field that asks the registrant to enter a check number when using the "invoicing" option? As I said in my initial question, the majority of our attendees do not pay during registration, nor do they pay by check when asking to be invoiced. Requiring a check number to be entered is confusing and will prevent many of them from completing registration, which we're obviously trying to avoid.

      Having the option to disable that field, aka NOT ask for a check number or any payment info whatsoever, would solve this problem and seems like a pretty easy fix. Please let me know if this is currently possible or will be possible in the near future - thanks!