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  • CnP.LiveSupport.AB

    Can you provide an example of an order whose email delivery failed?

    Your transactions are primarily through the event application, so it's the settings for the event that will matter more than the ones in your screenshot - unless you are making use of the receipts coming from CONNECT. If it's the Registration Email or the Autoresponder you are concerned about, you would need to check the email settings in those locations.


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  • BobD
    yes - I did all that before opening the this
    According to the article -
    1- the reply to address comes from our domain - at least on the campaigns I looked at
    2- the reply to and Internal notification addresses are different
    3- Internal notification has more than one address in the list
    4- "include:_custspf.clickandpledge.c‌c" is part of our SPF record
    5 - our mail server isn't blocking C&P emails

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  • CnP.LiveSupport.AB
    Hi BobD ,

    Have you used the Best Practices to Ensure Email Receipt Delivery article as a guide to set up an SPF record on your mail server? If you aren't the person administering the mail server, I suggest sending them this article so that they can take those steps to authorize C&P to send email on your behalf.

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  • BobD
    started a topic DKIM and SPF

    DKIM and SPF


    We are seeing the response form a DMARC digest. Do you have any guidance on how to resolve this?

    I looked at the headers from a 156 0% 0%
    ⚠️ is authorized to send on behalf of, however it looks like SPF and DKIM are still failing DMARC’s alignment test. DMARC looks at the Return-Path of a message to make sure the domain there matches the domain in your From address. If the Return-Path path doesn’t match your From address, those messages will fail DMARC’s SPF alignment test. Set up a DKIM record and check with this source about setting up custom Return-Path.
    As you can see from the attached image, the From and Reply-To emails are from our domain Click image for larger version

Name:	receipt setting.png
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    Click image for larger version

Name:	SPF.png
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