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Event Level Description issue on mobile + question

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  • Event Level Description issue on mobile + question

    Hi there! We're going live with an event today. and in testing, one person (using Chrome on an Android device) had an issue with the level descriptions. After clicking 'Read more' to view the description, they couldn't close the description popup (via the "x" or the Cancel button). I couldn't replicate the issue in Chrome on my iOS mobile device, but thought I'd let you know.

    Also, after buying a registration, the confirmation page includes a "New Registration" button. I think this might be related to the event being in test mode, but wanted to reach out to see if it's possible to control whether that shows up or not. (It's also an anonymous event, not sure if that's why the button shows.)

    Here is the event registration site - it's no longer in test mode, FYI.

    Also, in case you need to access via Salesforce, the org ID is 00Dj0000000HchZ (access granted).

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    Good day @jillifoss

    We tested and found no issues at the Level page in multiple android devices. However, please note that our events are not 100% mobile-friendly at this point. Regarding, New Registration button, we have no control over and we can't hide that in either mode.
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