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Event Registration Emails not sending

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  • CnP.Support.AM
    Good day @[email protected]

    We reviewed and found that the registrations in the question are processed when you were at the previous release in which we have an issue with email sending. However, now you are up to date so moving forward you should not see any issues. For old registration, you may send the registration email manually as shown below:

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    started a topic Event Registration Emails not sending

    Event Registration Emails not sending

    This client has currently has several events active right now. Originally registration emails were sending out fine. At some point they appeared to have stopped.
    You currently have access to Org Id: 00DF00000008F4u if needed
    The event I was testing was "2021 - Donor Trip - Labyrinth Canyon"
    • I signed up for the waitlist registration level (my name is Chad Harris)
    • I was successfully added to the list of registrants
    • Email Log does not show an email sent to me
    I recently requested the upgrade assistance in case something about the package is at play. I am also curious if something about Salesforce Guest User Permissions or Permission Sets are at play? I've added all necessary users to several permission sets but not sure how to check guest user permissions.