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Fixing Opportunity Amounts

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  • Fixing Opportunity Amounts

    Our opportunities are currently setting the amount to the full transaction total. We want each opportunity to have the amount based upon the level or donation it was created from.

    So for example a customer buys onee Level for $30 another level for $10 and a $5 donation.
    3 opportunities are created and they all have the amount of $45 and the received amount is respective to the level for each opportunity.
    Ideally we would have 3 opportunities one would have an amount of $30, another with an amount of $10 and another with an amount of $5. What setting do I need to change to make this happen.
    (We would also like a field to say how much the entire transaction was in each opportunity so each one would say $45 in some field. This is not the top priority though)


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    Hi bendchristie,

    That's actually a modified version of how Donor Management should function by default- Opportunities are created for each line item, and the Amount field is the "Unit Price". Someone must have changed that in the past.

    Either you have Opportunity Products turned on, or someone created a custom Salesforce automation to populate the Opportunity Amount with the transaction total.

    Click image for larger version

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    Changing this setting will impact how Opportunities are recorded going forward, but will not impact how past Opportunities are recorded.

    As far as getting the transaction total listed on the transaction, you can simply create a custom formula field:
    CnP_PaaS__CnP_OrderNumber__r.CnP_PaaS__TotalCharge d__c

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