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Event Pages Display "No Template Available"

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  • Event Pages Display "No Template Available"


    After the Salesforce update all of our C&P Events are currently showing "There is no Template available for this Event!" on their registration sites. I've confirmed that our connected user has the PS-CnP--Event-Connected-User-ONLY and PS-CnP-PaaS-Connected-User-ONLY permissions and I've disconnected and reconnected our Salesforce org in Connect, neither have corrected the issue. I've granted C&P Support login access, our org ID is 00D36000001Hqbc. Could you please take a look and correct the issue for us? Thank you.

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    Good day @cpulido

    We've upgraded the instance, completed post-installation, and verified that your event pages are loading.

    IMPORTANT REQUIREMENT: It is IMPORTANT that you re-establish connection to Salesforce. The connected user must have access to various objects and the following access levels:
    • Be an administrator
    • Have the following permission sets assigned:
      • PS-CnP-PaaS-Connected-User-ONLY
      • PS-CnP-Event-Connected-User-ONLY (If the event is installed)
    The following KB articles may be of help:

    Establish connection with Salesforce:
    Latest Release notes:
    You may also join our Power of Us Hub:


    1- Your account may show that it is already connected, but this does not mean the new fields have posted to Salesforce. Please “DISCONNECT” and click on “CONNECT” again to establish connection.

    2- If you make any changes to the information on this page, you will see an “UPDATE /VERIFY” button instead of Connect. Click on the Update/Verify button to re-establish connection.

    As part of this upgrade we have performed the following tasks:
    • Installed the latest updates of Click & Pledge’s Salesforce applications
    • Performed the post-installation steps
    • Reviewed the existing connected user’s profile and ensured the following permission sets are assigned to the existing connected user:
      • PS-CnP-PaaS-Connected-User-ONLY
      • PS-CnP-Event-Connected-User-ONLY
    If you change the connected user please make sure the above permission sets are assigned to the new user.

    We love to hear from you
    As always, we appreciate your feedback. Our customers are our only source of advertising, so positive reviews are always welcome and greatly appreciated.

    We are always available to help, so please don’t hesitate to contact us if you need further assistance.
    Click & Pledge Support Department

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