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Reminder Emails Not Firing?

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  • Reminder Emails Not Firing?


    I have a question that may be similar to the one found via this thread. I am also speaking on behalf of a coworker who may have more detailed information.

    It looks like we had some follow up emails reminding registrants of an upcoming event. Some of these emails have not been sending at their scheduled times. One specific case is our "20-10-10 TEK Black Oak Hike" which had a reminder set for 10/3 at 10:00am (it fired on 10/5 at 3:13pm) and another more detailed reminder set to send on 10/6 at 6:00pm (it sent on 10/7 at 8:18pm). From what I'm hearing from my colleague, it sounds like this has happened occasionally with other events as well. Is this due to an error on our part? Is our C&P instance due for an upgrade that would fix these issues?

    Please let me know at your earliest convenience. If you need access to our org, please let me know!

    Thanks so much,

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    Good day @kkohrs

    We don't have access to your instance. Would you please grant us access and share the Event name so that we can review it?
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      I have granted access for 1 week. "20-10-10 TEK Black Oak Hike" is the event name where I saw this occur. I will reply with other events if my colleague knows of others.



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        I also heard from my coworker, here are her notes:

        "here are the ones I can recall/see in the logs that there were delay issues:

        20-09-26 Lens on Lichens - "Thank you - video & resources" : this email did not send when I hit "send now", so after waiting for it, I hit it again, and then eventually it went through double (At 2:24 on 10/1). This email was created/hit send after the event date.
        "Reminder 1" never sent. This email was scheduled prior to the event date.

        20-09-17 DNLS Invasive Plants "Thank you video" email was scheduled after event date, tried to send 9/25 shortly after 5pm, email log shows it finally sent 9/26 at 12:38
        "Reminder Email" was set to go out 9/16 at 8am, no sign of it sending at all in the log. This email was created before people register, and then the send date was changed after registration began.

        20-09-10 DN: Learning from our Roots: TEK for Fire Looks like "Reminder" email did not go out for this one either! Also, "Thank you - video" email was created after event date, and set to go out immediately around 5:30pm but didn't send unil 6:51pm. (not such a big deal, but certainly not "immediately").

        From what I have read, C&P emails are automated to send at the top of the next nearest hour from the time we schedule them for (ex: scheduled for 5:30pm, would send at 6:00pm).

        20-08-25 Immunity Boosting Plants "Reminder" email never sent according to log! was scheduled to send 8/24/2020 at 5pm. "Thank you" email was created and meant to send on 8/28 - when it hadn't hit inboxes the next couple days, I sent it from my gmail instead.

        So overall, it looks like:
        • Confirmations - are sending fine, set to fire upon registration "immediately". (However I have had a few people reach out to say they never got anything - though they could just have missed it in their inbox).
        • Reminders - scheduled to go at a certain date are having major issues - sometimes not sending at all.
        • Thank yous - created post event date, designed to send "immediately" are either not sending or sending with random lag times.
        And this all seems to have started coming up just over the past couple months."