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Event Sync Still Pointing to Old Salesforce Org

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  • Event Sync Still Pointing to Old Salesforce Org

    We've recently migrated the Click and Pledge from an NPSP org to an EDA org. In doing so, when imported the system generated new Ids for the campaigns. Now when data is to be synced Click & Pledge attempted to sync using the old Id from NPSP (Since that's when they were created) instead of the Id for EDA. Thus resulting in a failed sync. Is there any way to update the internal table with these Ids? I can provide you with the new ones Id and Name should this be possible.

    Thank you

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    Hi Stephen,

    Since your team joined Live Support, you've asked to follow up on this issue as Case #00368542, so I will continue to assist you there.

    ~ Amanda
    C&P Live Support

    Click & Pledge Support Department

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