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Discount plans for individual tickets?

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  • Discount plans for individual tickets?

    We would like to offer discounts to members, but we only want discounts for actual members. So if buyers purchase 2 tickets, one for themselves as members and one for others who are not members, they want the discount to apply only to the member ticket, not both. Is there a way to do this? We want a discount applied on a ticket by ticket basis. BTW, we are currently using a named event for this purpose, so in theory this seems like it should be possible, but I don't know if the SF Events system can do this.

    I can think of a few less than ideal ways to work around this. One would be to have "member" vs "non-member" tickets and set them up with different prices. Since the membership option is then available to everyone, this won't work as well as a membership code they send to their members. Another would be to allow the discount to all tickets purchased by the member (what it currently does), but that isn't what they really want.

    Is it possible, and if not, are there better workarounds for this?

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    Sure. Set your discount so that it applies to the individual item on the discount, and you can limit the number that are used by setting the group minimum to "1" and the maximum to the total # of tickets that a member can apply the discounted price to.

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