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custom question not going into Contact field

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  • custom question not going into Contact field

    I looked at this with Amanda and we couldn't figure out why the custom question in the event MSC Fall 2020 to populate the contact field College Affiliation. The data shows up in C&P data (It's a required field) but it doesn't go into the Contact record.
    permission granted
    SF number 00D36000000Hnko


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    Good Day @briegull

    Can you please share the order number and Contact Name so that we will review and get back to you.

    Looking forward to hearing back from you.


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      Well there were 300+ names where it didn't work, and I didn't hear from you so I did a global update using Apsona. I just made a dummy record with this order number, who mee, order 34570-200820083209916. I had moved the custom question to attendees instead of registrant. When it was in Registrant, it did not fill at all. Now that it's in Attendee, it fills, but only with the default (MSC). I also put it into Registrant, and it fills with the default although in C&P data you see <FieldValue>YCSC (York County SC)</FieldValue>


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        Hi Clare,

        Attendee Custom Questions do not map in Custom Question Mappings, but when I first reviewed your case there was an issue with the transaction XML that I wanted to track down.

        That may have been why the question had been on the Registrant for a prior year.

        Join Live Support today, and we will see if there is another way to get that information where you need it..

        ~ Amanda
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