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Temporary Contact for Event Manager

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  • CnP.Support.AM
    Good day @pcfm1974

    We have fixed the issue for all of the above order numbers and moving forward you should not see this issue.

    Please try to process the temp contacts now and let us know if you find any issues.

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  • pcfm1974
    started a topic Temporary Contact for Event Manager

    Temporary Contact for Event Manager

    Company ID: 00D3i000000EE0J Granted Access for 1 week

    Temporary contacts in Event Management, but unable to process due to the following error:

    Sorry but the Temporary Contact is missing. The following are possible reasons for this absence:
    1. The Temporary Contact has been deleted.
    2. The transaction has not posted back to Salesforce.
    3. The C&P Data has posted but has been deleted

    Transactions: 28630-2007111425040783781; 28630-2007101719233540213; 28630-2007271322059863902; 28630-2006141049096568920; 28630-2006142014146955432; 28630-2007111242160985245; 28630-2007241315318897153; 28630-2007102019160757789; 28630-2007261000450101006; 28630-2006140940333959300; 28630-2007260942093652225; 28630-2007191457202814543

    I have posted in connect to Salesforce, still not able to resolve.