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Calendar file in emails

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  • Calendar file in emails

    I created .ics files for my events outside of C&P. I would like to attach them to an email. It looks like the only attachments I can make are PDFs. Is there any other option?

    Part of the driver for this is that I have events that take place over multiple sessions and I would like to load all of them into their calendars. I could in theory put a link to the file in the email, but that is a bad idea both because its more work for the recipient and it means I have a .ics file open to the world, potentially with a meeting link in it.

    As it stands, it looks like I need to send the calendar through a different email system.

    Alternatively, I could put links into the email as described in
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    Good day @BobD

    Sorry, as of now, it is not possible in the current system but we do have a feature called "Add To Calendar" which may help:
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