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Contact Information for Attendees vs Contact information

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  • Contact Information for Attendees vs Contact information

    We had a person register for an event. When we tried to contact the person later using the contact information in the SalesForce contact record, we found the phone number wasn't good. However, a different phone number was given in the attendee record and that worked. We updated the contact record. Is there a way to compare address/phone number information in the attendee record with that in the contact record? There may be other cases where the contact information in C&P is more recent than or differs from our SalesForce contact information. How do we compare this information?

    I suspect we may have to contact the person to determine which is correct. I would like to know who to contact. If I have to download the information into a file and compare from there, I can work with that.

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    Downloading the information into a file seems like overkill to me. Probably the easiest way to do this would simply be to add the phone to your matching criteria. Normally we would not recommend this since the customer would then complain they were getting too many temporary Contacts created, but if your goal is to review every time the phone number does not match, forcing those people into Temporary Contacts is the easiest solution.

    You could also do this with address, but then you're really going to discover how different an address field for the same address can be. But it does accomplish what you want as an automation.

    To get even better automated logic, you'd have to start looking at additional customizations in Salesforce. I would avoid adding automations (processes or workflows) that would trigger during the time that PaaS might be accessing the same record as your triggering event. Don't want to create future problems.
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