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Questions re Recent Salesforce Security Setting Changes

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  • Questions re Recent Salesforce Security Setting Changes

    Hello - I wasn't sure where to post this - it's in response to your announcement here: Recent Salesforce Security Setting Changes but I wasn't able to respond to that post directly. Two questions:

    1. Salesforce's instructions say you should create Sharing rules (in Sharing Settings) for all guest users. Volunteers for Salesforce includes these instructions as part of their steps for handling this security setting change, but your instructions don't include this. I just wanted to double check whether this is an additional step that needs to be done for the C&P Event sites guest user (here;s a link to V4S' instructions on htis:

    2. Just wanted to clarify: do these security setting changes affect orgs that only use C&P Donor Management? It seemed like it was a C&P Events Management issue but wanted to double check.



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    The permission settings we have recommended resolve the errors we have seen from the security changes made in January, and were suggested in expectation of the two that will begin being enforced this Friday. If additional sharing settings are required, we will be able to include that in the upcoming release, scheduled for the end of March.

    The security settings can impact C&P Donor Management. Any images or files that are exposed to a non-Salesforce user via autoresponder or template designs, such as invoice payment forms, are hosted by the Salesforce Site.

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