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    We have been using Event Management to record course enrollment at our senior college since Fall 2016. Twice a year, 20-25 courses a semester. The first time students register in a fiscal year, they pay a $35 membership fee. Each course costs $60 - but if you enroll in more than one course, the second and subsequent courses only cost $40, and you don’t pay membership but once. SKUs assign the $35 to “membership” and the tuition amounts to the proper campaign’s tuition.

    So to set these up for on-line registration, with Amanda’s help we developed varus discount codes. Although the codes can be set to do the math right, the Opportunities that the payments feed into are do not display amounts properly. All the discount comes off the payments for tuition; I can’t make the membership fee disappear on second registration; the discount is split up among the course tuitions.

    So, for instance, someone buys a membership and two courses. This is recorded as $35 for membership (correct) and $50 for each of two courses (should be $60 and $40). Then they go back, to a different inline page, to register for yet another course. The $35 membership is recorded as before, but the discount comes off the TUITION, resulting in weird amounts. And our bookkeeper has problems attributing everything to the right category.

    It’s been rumored for sometime that when the next iteration of Event Mgmt comes out, it will be possible to solve this, presumably by making the discount code conditional.

    I know this is complicated. Having the discounts even the way they are allow us to record TOTAL amounts accurately, and everyone is assigned to the proper course. But it still is really confusing when you look at the reports or when you try to reconcile it with the Quickbooks records.

    00D36000000Hnko, permission granted. Thanks, and happy Thanksgiving!

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    Hi Clare,

    Well, that does make it trickier. There is no way to remove the 'Additional Payment" option from one registration site, and leave it on the other.

    Every workaround I can think of presents a new issue:
    • Two events that point to the same Campaigns, one with additional payment for Membership, one without
    Must manage attendance with Campaigns, and breaks inventory per Level
    • Group Event Discount (as opposed to Level Discount) if buying more than 1 ticket,
    Might work, but not if the discount is not the same amount or percent for each course

    After that, I think we've exhausted our possibilities, I can't remember if the discount amount was the same fixed amount or percent amount for all the courses or not.

    Would the Group Discount option work? You can change the price on the Opportunity to read with or without the discount in C&P Settings > Opportunity
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    Regards. Amanda
    ​​​​​​​C&P Live Support
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      well, the gross amount of the opportunity might work. I'll play with it. I don't see how we could possibly do the two events. Double the trouble, double the fun. Thanks, Amanda.