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One Purchase Creates Two Opportunities?

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  • One Purchase Creates Two Opportunities?

    Hey there,

    We use C&P Box Office for our annual gala. One of the ticket options is to buy a pair of tickets, for a reduced price (compared to buying two single tickets) of $250. So obviously, this purchase has two attendee items associated with it, when purchased. However when the transaction processes, it splits into two Salesforce opportunities of $125 each (both rolling up to the registrant, as they should). Two two opportunities are identical, same C&P order number etc. Subsequently, I have to go through and delete the second opportunity for each transaction and update the first opportunity back to a price of $250 again, so the donor doesn't get two acknowledgements.

    Can you tell me why this happens, and if there's any way to prevent it from happening? It would save me a significant amount of time and energy in resulting data clean-up after every transaction!


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    Good Day @jackdunn

    As two attendees are included in the registration level, two opportunities were created. The amount ($250) will automatically divides into two and assign one opportunity for each attendee. That is why you see two opportunities for one registration.


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      Thanks for getting back to me.
      Ok that makes sense - is there any way to override this or turn it off, so it only creates one opportunity regardless of attendees? I'm thinking especially for our sponsors, who can get up to 10 attendees included in a sponsorship, it would be a nightmare to have ten tiny opportunities per sponsorship.



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        In order to accomplish the above, you need to enable the Products under C&P Settings > Opportunity > Product, in this case, all items in the basket will become products under ONE opportunity.

        However, we do NOT recommend the "Opportunity > Product" option. It is just a suggestion if you are using the Opportunity / Product option in Salesforce. If you are not using it then we do not suggest you enable this feature. It is a one time change that will affect all your transactions requiring you to use price books, etc.
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          Ah yes, we are not already using Products so I will refrain from turning that on if you don't recommend it. I'm assuming that's the only way to override the multiple opportunities. Thanks for your time!