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Multiple Additional Payments--items for purchase along with tickets

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  • Multiple Additional Payments--items for purchase along with tickets

    I am setting up a C&P Event registration for a Trivia Night that includes a raffle. I was hoping to set it up so people could purchase their tickets as well as have the option to purchase raffle tickets and/or a book of clues for trivia. At first I thought I might be able to do this in the additional payments section but it looks like you can only set that up for one item. Is there another way to do this? Please advise.
    Thank you so much!

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    Would creating a 'Raffle Tickets' Level and a 'Trivia Booklet' Level work?

    This should only pose a problem IF you need to limit the inventory AND you need to sell more than one ticket type.
    • WORKS - Your space only has room for 50 guests, but everyone is just buying a seat to the event - you can limit the 'individual ticket' Level to 50, and put no Inventory on the whole event
      • 3 Levels - One for individuals with a limit of 50, one for raffle tickets, one for trivia booklets
    • WILL NOT WORK - Your space only has room for 50 guests, and you need to sell 'Sponsor' tickets at $100, and 'Individual' tickets at $20
      • 4 levels - One for Sponsors, one for individuals, one for raffle tickets, and one for trivia booklets
      • Unless you know exactly how many Sponsorships you can sell, you can't set your inventory limits on the Level- so you don't know how the balance of Sponsors to Individuals might work out. You can't set the Inventory limit on the event, as this would limit how many raffle tickets or trivia booklets you could sell.
    Make sense?
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