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    Hi there, we've created an event for our gala, and had a few questions:
    • Is it possible to have each level be mapped to different Products and have one transaction turn into one opportunity where if the registrant selects levels and quantities, for those to become opportunity products? Currently, each level they select will become its own opportunity. If yes, where can we map each of the levels to different products?
    • Is it possible to give payers the option to also input multiple registrations (individuals) for the levels they select and have each individual registrant information become a campaign member for the campaign that the event is assigned to?

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    Good day @[email protected]
    • In order to accomplish the above, you need to enable the Products under C&P Settings > Opportunity > Product, in this case, all items in the basket will become products under ONE opportunity.

      However, we do NOT recommend the "Opportunity > Product" option. It is just a suggestion if you are using the Opportunity / Product option in Salesforce. If you are not using it then we do not suggest you enable this feature. It is a one time change which will affect all your transactions requiring you to use price books, etc.
    • For each level, you can assign the Campaign so that attendee will become a Level campaign member like that you can assign the Campaign to the Event so that registrant will become Transaction Campaign member.
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