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Custom Question only for Attendee No. 1

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  • Custom Question only for Attendee No. 1

    I want to ask a custom question but only for the first attendee, not other ones but the custom question shows up for each attendee. Is there a work around? Is there a way to ask a question on the check out page where credit card information is entered?

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    If you add the custom question to the registrant (rather than to any of the attendee levels), it will add the question to the check out page instead of for each attendee. Hope this helps!


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      Thank you! In that case I believe it will add the question to event checkout page for every registrant not just the level of registrant that I want. See I have a sponsorship level that comes with 2 tickets but we need to know how to recognize the sponsor in our materials. If I put it on the attendee level for that specific sponsorship level, it shows up for both attendees. If I put it on the registrant level, it shows up for registrants for every single level.


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        Ah, that makes sense. We usually include an optional "List Name As" field on the registrant even though not all levels are listed. Generally people at the lower levels will ignore it but if they fill it out it doesn't hurt. (That does mean that we have to follow up with sponsors/high level donors who didn't fill it out, since it's optional, but still saves us quite a bit of work compared to not asking at all!)