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  • Help with Auctions?

    I know this isn't your program, but I'm getting an error message when I try to update the opportunity on checkout.
    "Error: The Auction Setting for Opportunity Stage Won Not Thanked, Closed Won- Not Thanked, is not a valid Won, Closed, and Active Opportunity Stage. Please see the Auctions Installation & Configuration Guide."

    I am familiar with this issue - the lack of space between Won and the hyphen. I deleted that stage and made a new one, copying the text directly from your developer guide, but I continue to get the error referencing the no-hypen closed stage. I have other instances where this is working correctly, and I have compared them closely, and cannot find a difference.

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    Access granted.

    Many Thanks!

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    I am familiar with that issue too, as part of the post-installation for Auctions for Salesforce. I will review our documentation on Auctions for Salesforce, but I don't believe there's any reason that we would have that kind of reference in our documentation, which involves Sales Processes as assigned to a Record Type.

    Are you referring to our documentation ( or the Auctions for Salesforce Installation and Configuration Guide? I would suggest that you use the specific reference in their guide.
    You can address support requests regarding Auctions for Salesforce in the Power of Us Hub. If you are a sanctioned nonprofit through, you should be able to use your Salesforce login to post there. Add an "@AuctionsforSalesforce", and your question should be directed properly.

    Regards, Amanda
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      Found the issue and fixed it! FYI, I was using both the post-install from David Habib and the C&P developers manual.
      This is very helpful!