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Confirmation email to Attendee only when registrant & attendee not the same person?

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  • Confirmation email to Attendee only when registrant & attendee not the same person?

    We often have registrants who don't attend the event but take on the task of registering other people to attend. In these cases, I want the registrant to get an emailed confirmation of the registration and for the attendees to also receive email confirmation.
    However, when an attendee registers herself, I don't want to send her both the registrant and the attendee confirmation emails - it's confusing.
    Any suggestions?

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    You can send Registration Emails specifically to the Registrant, or you can send emails to select Levels (representing the tickets/Attendees). The Registrant can be both a registrant and an attendee, and if you create separate emails - one for the Registrant and one for attendees - there is no way to prevent a Registrant who is also an Attendee from receiving both.

    My best suggestion is that you create the content of the email in such a way that it is clear that one if for the person registering for tickets and the other is for the attendee. This way, when the Registrant is also an Attendee, they should be able to figure out on their own why they received two emails. For instance, in your Registrant email- you can explain that the attendees will be receiving a separate email with the instructions they need to attend.
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