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Posting Error for Specific Transaction

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  • Posting Error for Specific Transaction


    The following transaction is not posting correctly to Salesforce: 24317-190129234521380. It sent an email error (see first picture) so I tried deleting Roz from the campaign and re-posting the transaction. It didn't create ticket opportunities like with other transactions though. I can do this manually, but wanted to check in whether there's something weird happening and what to do if it happens in the future.

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    Second issue that I'm noticing: As of January 23rd, people who register for our gala are not being attached to event campaigns in salesforce. I tried double checking C&P Settings>Opportunities>SKU Mapping, but it's still correct. I also tried logging out and re-verifying. No change with the campaigns after logging out and re-verifying. The picture is from a report pulled to check campaign, with what it looked like when it worked and what it looks like now that it doesn't.
    The last transaction order that mapped correctly: 24317-190122185458972
    Example of transaction not mapping correctly: 24317-190124184100836


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      Good day @apichaya

      We reviewed your instance and here is what we found:

      For the order number: 24317-190129234521380 - we re-posted and it creates the opportunities without any issues.

      Regarding the two order numbers: 24317-190122185458972 and 24317-190124184100836 both of them are in temp contacts and until you process it from there, it won't assign to the Campaign as Campaign Member.

      Please process both of the order numbers from Temp Contacts and let us know what you see.
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