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Custom Question Mapping to Salesforce Multi-Select Field

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  • Custom Question Mapping to Salesforce Multi-Select Field

    Is is possible to map a custom question from an Event Registration form to a multi select field in Salesforce? When I go to the custom mapping section for my object, my multi select field is not avalaible to select for mapping.

    Is this by design, as mapping to this field would overwrite possbily exisitng data in the multi select field, and not simply append the choice to the other selections in the Salesforce multi select field?

    If it is not possible to map to a multi select field in Salesforce, what strategies can be used to update a multi select field? Beyond exporting the data and importing it?

    Thanks for any input!

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    Hi Thomas,

    No, our custom mapping does not support multi-select fields.

    Multi-select picklist fields are generally a bad data practice, and are best avoided wherever possible. When you have a multi-select field in a database, it is like having a list of data inside a single spreadsheet cell. If you've ever tried to work with data that way- you'll quickly see how much more complicated it quickly becomes. It's hard to sort, it's hard to search, it's hard to remove and add values without data corruption. it's similar to the difficulty of trying to match a street address when there are so many valid variations: 1 Main St., One Main Street, 1 Main St W, etc.

    Obviously sometimes you don't have that option- your app has a multi-select field. One general data strategy used where a multi-select format is needed is to turn each option into a checkbox- and then they are 'true' or 'false'.

    Hope that helps, Amanda

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