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Event Management as Volunteer Attendence?

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  • Event Management as Volunteer Attendence?

    I have ongoing volunteer teams that work on regularly scheduled shifts. Is it possible to setup each "shift" as an event and use that event as a way to do roll call for volunteers who are contacts in Salesforce? If yes, is it possible to do reporting? For example, how many shifts this year? How many volunteers missed a shift?


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    Justin -

    We don't currently have a way to set up a 'Recurring Event', so you would need to clone the Events or use the Event Import for all of your 'shifts'. All of the event part of the data is native to Salesforce, so of course you can create reports in about any way that you like- but to get exactly what you are wanting might require additional Custom Report Types. We have some pre-configured reports available- I would suggest starting with those, and save them as a new name.

    There's lots of ways you could approach this - and they will offer pros and cons.

    Basically - you have Event Listings, Events, and Registration Sites, and then you have Custom Questions too.
    • Event Listings will let you 'list' your Events, your Registration Sites, or- in effect- some combination.
    • Events - offer Levels, think of them as 'ticket levels', The Event has a start and end date (but you can choose to show that value or not) and Levels have start and end dates for when they appear on the form, that must lie within the Event Start an End dates.
    • Registration Sites - allow you to create multiple registration pages for a single event, and you can choose which Levels to include- this comes in handy for things like having separate registration forms for a gala event where one page sells general tickets, one page sells sponsorships, and one page allows volunteer registration.
    This offers a lot of permutations, and you would need to come up with the one that works best for your purposes.

    If you set up an Event for every shift, then from an internal point of view, you would be doing a lot of cloning and management creating and editing Events.

    You would probably do better to let an Event represent a block of time, like a Week. If you have different types of volunteers, say- Program Volunteers, Office Volunteers, Construction Volunteers, you could create different Registration Sites for them.

    So an event would look like this

    EVENT: Volunteer Schedule January 1-6, 2018
    • LEVEL - Monday 8 am -12 pm (Program)
    • LEVEL - Monday 8 am -12 pm (Office)
    • LEVEL - Monday 8 am -12 pm (Construction)
    • LEVEL - Monday 1 pm -5 pm (Program)
    • LEVEL - Monday 1 pm -5 pm (Office)
    • LEVEL - Monday 1 pm -5 pm (Construction)
    • LEVEL - Tuesday 8 am -12 pm (Program)
    • LEVEL - Tuesday 8 am -12 pm (Office)
    • LEVEL - Tuesday 8 am -12 pm (Construction)
    • LEVEL - Tuesday 1 pm -5 pm (Program)
    • LEVEL - Tuesday 1 pm -5 pm (Office)
    • LEVEL - Tuesday 1 pm -5 pm (Construction)
    (and so on)

    Then you would create Registration Sites that only included the levels for the Volunteer Type, and then collect those into separate Event Listings.

    Your Volunteers would go to a page that had the Volunteer Types:
    • Program Volunteer (a link to Event Listing)
    • Office Volunteer (a link to Event Listing)
    • Construction Volunteer (a link to Event Listing)

    The Event Listing would show a month's worth, essentially filtered by volunteer type.
    • Volunteer January 1-6, 2018
    • Volunteer January 7-13, 2018
    • Volunteer January 14-20, 2018
    • Volunteer January 21 - 28, 2018

    And then when they pick their week, they'd see a listing for a shift, 2-3 per day.

    You'd then probably create some custom questions with default values to hold the number of hours per shift, and your staff would only need to clone the events once a week, maybe keep 2-4 weeks ahead, and edit the labels for the Event Name and Level Name.

    But you could do other permutations, it would just affect how much internal management is required, and how you'd report on it.

    Hope that's helpful. Regards, C&P Support

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