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Iframe not seeing template (this is new)

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  • Iframe not seeing template (this is new)

    Greetings from chilly Maine!

    The registrations for our fall semester are going extremely well. However, we noticed a number of discrepancies between the opportunities being created for courses and the actual registrations in the courses (campaigns). John Doe would register for a class, the registration would go through, then he would register Mary Doe. The registration would also go through. HOWEVER, the C&P data showed both registrations as John Doe, which meant that the Campaigns (which don't allow duplicates) weren't being populated accurately. i THINK we have traced this down to people having auto-fill turned on in their browser - if you aren't careful, it will refill the second reg. with the first one's information. The second registration works fine if you're careful.

    SO: I wanted to put a warning in the Event Template to watch out for this. If I look at the Event in the original listing of all events with the little eye icon, it pulls up the template that I want to use, have just edited, and have used in the past. Fine. But if I go to Box Office or to the iframe I have referenced in my website ( the template header doesn't show up. It works well otherwise, just not the header. What am I doing wrong?

    Permission given. SF instance 00D36000000Hnko

    p.s. didn't there used to be a search button in the standard old Help pages for Events?

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    Good day @briegull

    We reviewed your website and found that, it is NOT an iFrame but a button which you have linked the iFrame URL. You will need to replace that iFrame link with the Event URL (which you will get when you click on the little eye icon) in order to see the complete template.

    Regarding the Box Office, we don't show the templates in the Box Office since that is all for internal use.
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