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Updating Receipts from Portal Receipts to Connect Receipts

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  • Updating Receipts from Portal Receipts to Connect Receipts

    Hello! I'm having a little trouble with receipts in the event management and am looking for some help.

    I have designed a receipt in the connect platform that I would like to use for all of our events from now on (they're all tied to a specific CP Account) but while I am currently doing testing using the Test Mode in C&P Events, the receipt that it is sending is the default receipt that is very similar to the pre connect receipting.

    Thank you very much for your help and guidance!

    David Millar

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    Good day DavidMillar

    Currently this will not work. We are working on an update to Event that will send transactions to a specific campaign and once a campaign receives the post its receipt will be sent.

    The update is due out by early December.

    A number of features are being added for customized receipt - at this time only the standard receipt is sent for all 3rd party integrations as they are unable to reference a set campaign.
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      Well that would do it! Thanks for the clarification here! I'll make the adjustments I need on the regular receipt in that case!

      Thank you for your help!