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Problem sending registration email as a reminder before event

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  • Problem sending registration email as a reminder before event

    We're having trouble sending out a reminder email to attendees for an event occurring in 2 days. We're using C&P Events >> Registration Emails, and have tried scheduling the email to go out immediately as well as at a scheduled time (10 minutes in the future). Neither is working for previously registered attendees. If we register a new attendee, he/she does get the reminder email.

    We're testing with an event in Test mode so we don't send to actual attendees until we know it's working. The registration email is active. There are attendees registered, and we have access to their email boxes to confirm that the email has been received. The org is 00Dj00000027m5C, and I have granted login access. The event we are testing with is called TEST Auction. There are 2 test reminder emails (with slightly different body content, in case that made a difference - it did not). Any ideas on why they're not being sent to previously registered attendees?

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    Good day snesson

    We created a test registration in your instance & tested without any issues. We received all emails.

    Please do the following during your test: The idea is to totally remove your local mail server's interaction in this process.
    • Reply to email: Please use a gmail or any other email that is not your email domain.
    • Use an email for attendee that is gmail, yahoo, etc. - an email address that is not your email domain.
    As of this writing, 100% of all cases that have had issues with email are due to the local mail server blocking the email as spam. We are certain that your mail servers are blocking our emails.

    If you provide the emails that you have used for testing we will have our IT team provide the email logs for the interactions.
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      That is a very good tip. We do have several test registrations with attendees with made up email addresses. We'll delete those test registrations and try again. I bet that will solve the problem. Thank you!