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  • Temp Contacts to Campaign Members

    We are currently running a free event using the C&P Event Management app in Salesforce. We also have Contact Match Mode on Manual, so that every registration and attendee creates a temporary contact. Since the person registering (ie registrant/payer) is often also an attendee, this results in two Temporary Contact records being created. Most of the time, when we process the temporary contacts the contact is automatically added as a campaign member to the associated campaign. However, I started noticing discrepancies between our C&P Event Attendee report (in the Event Management App) numbers and our Campaign member numbers. I finally found that when we processed Temporary Contacts that were associated with the registrant (ie payer) and chose to "Merge with another Temporary Contact" at the bottom of the screen, they would not be added as a campaign member to the associated campaign. However, if this is all done from the Attendee Temporary Contact record they DO get added as a campaign member. So, we developed a policy where we process all Event Attendee Temporary Contacts first, which seemed to work for a while. However, now the attendees are NOT being added as campaign members no matter which way I process them. Only the Registrant is being added to the campaign. We also just received our upgrade - not sure if this is just a correlation or more.

    We need to be able to process these temporary contacts with consistent results and it would be good to know the workflow rules and data flows so we can build a reliable process.

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    Good day @[email protected]

    We reviewed your instance and noticed that the FREE Event which you are referring to is: The Promise Concert 2016 - Attendees. We found that in this Event, there are 4 Levels and the only 1 Level has the Campaign assigned which is visible for the Event External Site ONLY. Remaining 3 Levels are only for BoxOffice registration and doesn't have any Campaign assigned to those 3 Levels. That might be the reason you see discrepancies in the report.

    Hope that answers your question. Let us know if we can be of any further assistance.
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