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Auctions - Credit card is not showing up at Check-in or Check-out

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  • CnP.LiveSupport.AB
    1. Regarding your question about only finding 2 different people .
    Without more detail or a screenshot, I can't tell you why when you specify "2016 auction" you only get 2 people. I don't know if you are specifying in the global search, in Auctions, in Report Criteria...
    But you do have to be pretty specific in your searches. Computers only know exactly what you provide them- so if a report doesn't show what you're expecting, it's always good to look at your criteria and understand exactly what you are asking for. If you ask for Contacts with a Campaign History that contains "2016 auction", you will not receive results for Contacts that have a Campaign History that include "2016 Annual Auction".

    I'm assuming that you are referring to the report "Attendees with Card on File"
    This report is of the report type "Contacts with C&P Transactions". You can see this by going to "Customize Report" and click on the Report Properties. Try to think of this as a report on "Contacts who 'happen to have' C&P Transactions"

    The problem here is that the primary object for the report is Contacts. But Contacts can have multiple transactions, so when you're reporting on a Contact, which transaction do you pick? There's no way to specify that. So you don't see the last 4 numbers on the card, it doesn't know which card you might be referring to.

    What you needed was a report that is "C&P Transactions with Contacts" Now our primary object is Transactions. We can report on Transactions that 'happen to have Contacts'. This kind of report will have limitations too- if your org sells any Auction tickets in a method that is other than a C&P transaction, you will not see the Contact in the report.

    I created a "REVISED Attendees with Card on File" of the correct record type. If this is satisfactory, I STRONGLY advise that you delete the other two 'Attendees with Card/s on File' reports, so they won't cause confusion in the future.

    2.Regarding your question about WHY you don't see a card on file during check-in, it's because the purpose of a pre-authorization transaction is to pre-authorize a NEW card. No one thought you might need to see existing cards- there's no need to run a 'pre-authorization transaction' on a card that exists. It could be there is an extra fee from the card company just to request the verification.

    But I am looking into ways Auctions for Salesforce could be more tightly integrated with Click & Pledge Events, so I will add that as a feature to consider.

    Regards, Amanda

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  • CnP.LiveSupport.AB
    Hi Jack,

    I looked into your case, so I can fill you in.

    So, you weren't listed as an attendee for the 2016 Annual Auction, but you came up. This is interesting to me because I'm supposed to be planning a tighter integration with C&P and Auctions- I suspect that the guest lookup is looking up all Contacts that are members of Auction campaigns.

    So when you create an auction, Auctions for Salesforce creates 4 campaigns. One of them is Attendees. When someone checks in, what is actually happening behind the scenes is that their campaign member status changes from RSVP Yes to Checked In. When you are checking in, and you save a credit card to "pre-authorize" an attendee, there is no option for a former transaction, because the system assumes you are adding a card for the auction.

    But at check out, you wouldn't see the payment form unless you also had a purchase that you needed to pay for.

    So here is what I did:
    I added you to the 016 Annual Auction.
    I went to the purchases tab and sold you a house for $1
    Now when you go to check out, you are able to see both the payment form and the option to "Reference Prior Transaction". Can you see that in the attached screenshot? (it looks like you might not be able to- it's so tiny!)

    If you can't, just go to check yourself out , and you should see what I mean.

    So you could just reference a previously used credit card.

    Now, to clean up what I've done, you would just need to go to the Purchases tab and delete your Auction Purchase.
    And to clean up the campaign (which I basically gave you a free ticket. ), you would need to remove yourself from the 2016 Annual Auction Attendees campaign.
    Or you could leave yourself on the campaign and just change your campaign member status back to RSVP Yes.

    You can check in and out as often as you like for testing- all that is happening is that the Campaign Member status changes.

    Hope that helps!
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  • jackwday
    I set up a purchase against her, and went to checkout. no option to use credit card on file

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  • jackwday
    tried to log back on but my computer lost the connection and then would not log back in

    Lori Constable is a person who has purchased a ticket and when i open check-in there is no option to use credit card on file

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  • Auctions - Credit card is not showing up at Check-in or Check-out

    Tickets have been purchased via C&P. When we check a person in, no credit card is showing. If we enter a credit card at check-in it is not available at check-out. We have our auction this Friday 9/30

    Id 35255