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Corrupt Registration Record

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  • CnP.Support.AM
    Good day @Joanmcm

    We reviewed your instance and noticed that you have deleted the original registrant record and created new one.

    C&P Data:
    Click image for larger version

Name:	CnP Data.jpg
Views:	22
Size:	30.5 KB
ID:	26950

    Registrant ID:
    Click image for larger version

Name:	Deleted Registrant.jpg
Views:	20
Size:	57.3 KB
ID:	26949

    We unable fix it without original registrant record because all are interrelated. We reviewed the recycle bin but unable to locate the above registrant record in it. If you may recover the above registrant record from recycle bin, we can try to fix it.

    However, we don't recommend to manipulate with the registrant and attendee records in the Event Management as all are having interrelationship and will get effect in the functionality of the system. The solution is to add some kind of text/note in the site template so that user can fill the registrant and attendee information accordingly.

    Sorry but without the original record of registrant we can't fix the above issue.

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  • Joanmcm
    started a topic Corrupt Registration Record

    Corrupt Registration Record

    A parent registered her son for our event - ASB New York City 2017. I tried
    to make adjustments to the registration record and in the process I believe
    the record may be corrupted. This is what happened:

    * In C&P Event Management, the registrant name was the mother and the
    attendee is the son

    * When we run registration reports, it appears that the mother is the
    person attending ASB New York City. However, all the registration
    information is that of the son

    * My intention was to change the name of the registrant to that of the
    son then merge the 2 contact records in Salesforce

    Here is what I have now:

    * In Salesforce

    o There are 2 contact records for Nicholas Sego (the son)

    o One record appears to be good with all the registration and payment
    information and lists the mother, Ilana Albanese as the emergency contact
    and as the person that made the payment

    o The second record is mostly blank other than listing him in the ASB New
    York City campaign

    o In Salesforce Accounts, there is a record - Sego Household - which lists
    just one Contact record for Nicholas Sego. This is where I thought I could
    merge the 2 Nicholas Sego contact records

    * In C&P Event Management - ASB New York City

    o I have a Registrant record for Nicholas Sego and an Attendee record for
    Nicholas Sego

    o When I click on the Registrant record I get this error: Attempt to
    de-reference a null object

    * An unexpected error has occurred. Your solution provider has been
    notified. (CnP_PaaS_EVT)

    o The Attendee record appears to be fine

    o The Registrant Information Report does not contain any of the
    registration information for Nicholas Sego

    I hope that you can help me to fix this. Also, can you tell me what I
    should do in the future to get accurate Registrant information when a parent
    registers their child? It will continue to happen. I have to provide our
    staff with accurate registration information. We can't have our staff
    expecting to have Ilana attend and have Nicholas show up.

    I granted C&P Support access to our Salesforce Org ID#00Do0000000ZrdX. I
    submitted this issue in a support ticket also. I appreciate anything you
    can do to help me correct this. Thanks.

    I tried to attach the attendee report and registration report, but the file attachment feature does not allow excel or webpage format.


    Joan McMahon

    Break A Difference
    C&P account #29466


    <mailto:JMc[email protected]> [email protected]