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Multiple tickets under one email address

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  • Multiple tickets under one email address

    An event registrant/attendee just purchased several tickets to an event that she will give away to family and friends. She received the link to download her ticket, but only one ticket appeared.

    How does the software handle this situation? I manually downloaded the other tickets, but I want to understand the process going forward. Thanks!

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    Good day!

    Please let us know the event name and the first name and last initial of the attendee or the Order number so we can review the event.

    Ticket links are offered in a list and each attendee's ticket is a separate link in the email body. If someone purchases 5 tickets they will get 5 links in the email body, one for each ticket. This is designed since processing many tickets for 1 PDF file will generate error in Salesforce considering its various limitations such as the governor limit, CPU usage limit, etc.

    Another note - the registrant receives an email with links for all tickets whereas the attendee will receive only his/her own ticket. You may want to ask the patron which email they received. For example if they are the registrant and the attendee they would have received 2 emails - one as attendee with ONLY one ticket link and one as the registrant with ALL ticket links.

    Once we have the additional information requested we will be able to review your account and the transaction.
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      This was for the EV: Girls Night Out 2015 event and the registrant/attendee is Margo Hudson. Quite honestly, it may be operator error. I was just curious about the process so if it happens again, I can instruct her. I ended up downloading her tickets and emailing them to her.