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Custom Question Select List character limit

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  • Custom Question Select List character limit

    I'm encountering a problem when trying to create a custom question of select list type on an event where the list of possible responses (semi-colon separated) is being limited to a total of 255 characters. This limit is only showing up in the custom editor, if I go and edit the Custom Question in the standard Salesforce edit screen instead I can input up to 32,000 characters but when I do this the first value in the select list is coming up as the Salesforce ID of an object called a "C&P Event Custom Field Section".

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    Good day!

    Sorry for the inconvenience. Currently that is a validation limit that we have on that field.

    We have reviewed the validation rule and will change it in the release due out the first week of June. The validation rules set for each field are designed to ensure compatibility with previous versions and to-date nobody has asked for a bigger size. As you need more space we will make the change.

    Release 2.7xxx is due out the first week of June and we will make it available for that release.
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