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  • Add products to Event?

    Is it possible to have products entered in the Event? I understand there are registration levels, but I would really like to have the auction items entered as products in the Event. Is this possible?

    I could use levels for the products, the problem is each level currently includes a registration. If someone bought multiple products, they would have multiple registrations (plus they would probably already have gotten a registration with their ticket). Is there a way to avoid creating a registration for an event level? Thank you
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    Good day @Mark Stark

    You may use the Anonymous Event. In Anonymous event NO attendees information needed. There are two types of Events - Named & Anonymous registration: Through the named registration option all attendees’ first name, last name, etc. may be collected through the forms whereas the Anonymous registration allows the attendee to purchase multiple tickets by entering a quantity for each level.

    Hope that helps. Let us know if we can be of any further assistance.
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