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Edit Fields Shown on Event Index

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  • Edit Fields Shown on Event Index


    We'd like to edit the fields shown on the event index. Is it possible to do that ourselves within Click and Pledge?
    If not, when you have the time, can you make the following changes?

    - Swiper1 Starts On
    - Swiper1 Ends On
    - Additional Revenue

    - Total Inventory
    - Remaining Inventory

    The fields in order would then be:
    - Event Name
    - Event Starts On
    - Event Ends On
    - Total Inventory
    - Registered
    - Remaining Inventory
    - Revenue

    Thanks, and let me know if you need any clarification.
    Our org ID is 00Dd0000000iQZN and access has already been granted.
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    Good day @gorgefriends

    Please note that as a new user all your messages need to be reviewed. When you post a message the system states that the moderator has been notified. Once we approve 3 or 4 messages you will be able to post without moderation.

    Sorry, as that is Visual Force-page, it cannot be customizable. However, we are going to add "Inventory Sold" and "Remaining Inventory" to the index in our next release.

    Hope that answers your question.
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