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Issue with Autoresponder

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  • Issue with Autoresponder

    I have a new event "Laps for LAM" it is in test mode and the autoresponder took approximately 30 minutes to be received. For me and the person testing. Kamran during office hours told me to post this and have someone look at the web service. I have granted access for C&P to look at the issue.

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    Just wanted to update this. At first i thought it was just the new event I created that was having issue, but a current event is also having issues with getting autoresponders out. I had two people in temporary contacts the first went right out the second one I processed took over 30 minutes to go out.


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      Good day @kmorgan

      Would you please share couple of order numbers of the transactions for which Autoresponder delayed 30 minutes?
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        Order - 1608301357461181020
        Order - 1608301157356741111
        Order - 1608291209587631111


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          I am also seeing delays in the auto-responder today. One was 30ish minutes, one was almost an hour later. I just had an order come in 15 mins ago and no autoresponse has come.

          These are the order numbers:


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            The last transaction I'm showing is from 7:36am est order number 1608310735276599824. I'm not showing any in the afternoon.


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              I just processed order 1608311443510591007 a few minutes ago (less than 2) and no responder has gone out. This is message to see how long it takes.


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                The responder for 1608311432049601007 can through at 3:13. I really need a fix for this.


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                  Good day kmorgan

                  Sorry for the inconvenience. We have researched this and have identified SendGrid as having issue.

                  Please see:

                  They state that they having delays today (August 31). We have contacted them and are assured that the issue has been resolved. It is a bit of inconvenience and we are frustrated at this as well. We use SendGrid as our primary service and fall back on secondary but we have no way of knowing of delays unless they don't deliver. If they have connection issue our system will switch the secondary backups (2 other companies are used as backups) but, in general, we find them to be the most reliable and consistent delivery of high throughput emails.

                  We apologize for the inconvenience.. we think the delay has been resolved but are keeping a close eye on this. If the problem persists we will force our system to switch to the backup systems.
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                    Thank you for the update and help. The responders are still coming in slow, but faster than before. I will let you know if the problem persists.


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                      The autoresponders are lagging again today. Could you please take a look? Order # 1609061111361426897 I had to pull it from temporary contacts, but the autoresponder took close to 15+ minutes to go through. So I reposted the transaction thinking something was wrong with it and then two autoresponders went out.